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Page 9 - The Portugal News : Online Issue
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Advertiser’s Announcement                                       The Portugal News • 18 Aug 2018 9

         UPTOWN -

         A new lifestyle in


         Available in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom designs, Uptown
         Vilamoura has homes between 84 m  and
         150 m . Uptown houses will be ready to inhabit
         from the beginning of 2020. Prices start at
         Each home is uniquely positioned to maximise
         its privacy and sunlight. Views of communal
         gardens promote the feeling of space and
         connection with nature. Uptown's architect
         Jacques Ferrier has focused on mixing private
         and public space, through the provision of large
         public spaces, a clubhouse and a swimming
         pool, convenient to individual dwellings.

         Uptown offers a genuine rural and local taste
         where its colours and design come from the
         earth. The architecture has been inspired by
         traditional Portuguese heritage and is seamlessly
         integrated into the landscape using materials and
         solutions that adapt to climate and function.

         Surrounded by nature and focussed on better
         living for permanent residents, Uptown is near to
         the west entrance of Vilamoura and in walking                                                        Vilamoura World
         distance to the Vilamoura International School,                                                      Tel: (+351) 289 310 906
         Vilamoura Equestrian Centre and the Victoria                                                         Email:
         Golf Course.                                                                                         Website:
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