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8 The Portugal News •  19 May 2018                                 News

      Surrogacy clinic to open                                                                       he company Tammuz,     acquire their services.
                                                                                                     which was founded
                                                                                                                             The ideology of the company is
                                                                                                     about a decade ago in
                                                                                              TIsrael, now wants to         simple: “Everyone has the right to
                                                                                                                            have a family”, from heterosexual
      in Lisbon but won’t practice                                                            branch into Portugal with an office  or homosexual couples, women
                                                                                              in Lisbon, joining other companies
                                                                                                                            or men alone, the administrator
                                                                                              available in this country albeit until  says, adding: “We have helped
                                                                                              now exclusively online.       create more than 750 families” [in
      in Portugal                                                                             Agency, Tammuz CEO Roy Nir    a decade].
                                                                                                In comments to Lusa News
                                                                                                                             It is in Ukraine and the US that
                                                                                              guaranteed the company’s      the vast majority of the babies are
                                                                                              operations in Portugal would be  born.
      Despite being a banned practice in Portugal, an Israeli surrogacy                       completely legal as any processes  According to Roy Nir,
      company is to open an office in Lisbon, which pledges to fulfil people’s                would be carried out outside of  Ukrainians receive between
                                                                                                                            €20,000 and 22,000 euros, and
      wishes of being biological mothers or fathers, for a fee of between                       He said the Portuguese office  American surrogates about
                                                                                              would just be somewhere “to   50,000 dollars, or €42,000.
      €40,000 and €85,000.                                                                    receive, with great pleasure,  A choice of country is offered
                                                                                              anyone interested in doing the  due to local legislation: in Ukraine,
                                                                                              process outside of Portugal.  only married heterosexual
                                                                                                “We are not going to do anything  couples can resort to surrogacy
                                                                                              in Portugal, because Portuguese  and if “the woman has a medical
                                                                                              legislation does not even allow the  condition that means she cannot
                                                                                              option of the agencies”, said Roy  conceive.”
                                                                                              Nir, explaining the physical space  In the US the scenario is
                                                                                              that will open in Lisbon will simply  different; “there is no
                                                                                              serve to make people feel safer  discrimination”, and it is in the US
                                                                                              and more confident when       that homosexual couples can fulfil
                                                                                              embarking on a process that “has a  their dreams of parenthood,
                                                                                              lot of money and emotion involved”.  although at almost double the cost
                                                                                                In Portugal, surrogacies are  of what heterosexual couples
                                                                                              prohibited. Until recently only  might pay.
                                                                                              women who could not have       Roy Nir recalls that a surrogacy
                                                                                              children, due to a lack of uterus,  is a very complex process, since it
                                                                                              were allowed to resort to a   takes an egg donor and another
                                                                                              surrogate, but without any money  woman available for pregnancy,
                                                                                              changing hands.               clinical services, doctors and legal
                                                                                                On April 24, that law was   services.
                                                                                              considered unconstitutional.   But the administrator ensures
                                                                                                Through Tammuz, all women   that the company deals with
                                                                                              who accept to be surrogates   everything from the first contact of
                                                                                              are paid and anyone, regardless  clients, until the day they take their
                                                                                              of their state of health, can  newborn home.
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