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14         The Portugal News · 21 Nov 2020                    Business

      Portugal and Canada to fire up Blue

                                             Marine industry experts from Portugal and Canada are staging a special

      Economy Blue Economy conference to spark transatlantic business growth.

                                                                 Canada, Hydrogen Optimised,   in the sustainable and responsible   energy is underpinned by the
                                                                 Natural Resources Canada,    exploitation of ocean resources   National Energy and Climate
                                                                 Canada’s Ocean Supercluster,   in several key areas including   Plan 2030, which is aiming for 80
                                                                 CorPower Ocean, X1Wind, AW-  energy, food and materials. In   percent of the nation’s total energy
                                                                 Energy, Teamwork Technology   turn, we are keen to enhance   usage to be drawn from renewables
                                                                 and Aquazor. Academics will join   knowledge and understanding of   by 2030. Meanwhile, renewable
                                                                 from the Fundy Ocean Research   the huge opportunities to develop   energy in Canada currently
                                                                 Centre for Energy and the Atlantic   technologies for better monitoring   provides around 17percent of the
                                                                 Lab for Future Technologies.   and observation of the ocean and   nation’s primary energy supply,
                                                                 Meanwhile, Government officials   its vast resources.      with the majority attributed to
                                                                 will contribute from the Canadian   “In the years to come, oceans will   hydroelectricity.
                                                                 Embassy and Portugal’s Ministry   inevitably play an increasingly   Ambassador of Canada to
                                                                 of Maritime Affairs and Ministry   important role supporting global   Portugal Lisa Rice Madan
                                                                 of the Sea.                  economic growth. However, if we   said: “The Embassy of Canada
                                                                 WavEC President António      don’t develop the right technology   to Portugal is delighted to be
                                                                 Sarmento said: “We are thrilled   now to ensure sustainable   partnering with WavEC to deliver
                                                                 to be staging this event with our   development, it will have a   this world-class seminar. Building
      WindFloat Atlantic is  the world’s first semi-submersible floating wind farm,
                                                                 Canadian colleagues where we   devastating impact on the marine   a sustainable ocean economy is
      located 20km off the coast of Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
                                                                 can share our passion and global   environment. This Seminar is an   both a global challenge and an
                                                                 intelligence about the thriving   opportunity to debate the challenges   opportunity, which is why it is
                   avEC Offshore    The two-day online event includes   blue economy. Both countries are   and opportunities associated with   important to have international
                   Renewables is    a world-class roster of speakers   responsible for large ocean areas   the development of new ocean   panellists, including from
                   teaming up with   who will share knowledge on   and recognise the need for a better   technologies and also an opportunity   Canadian organisations, share
       W the Embassy                floating offshore wind, alongside   understanding of the physical and   for companies, research organisations   their expertise in the fields of
       of Canada to Portugal to host   latest advances in wave power,   biological processes that occur in   and public administration to   marine renewable energy, ocean
       ‘Advancing the Blue Economy   floating solar, hydrogen and   the ocean resulting from external   exchange views and get a better   technologies, and fisheries and
       through Intercontinental     offshore aquaculture.        drivers, which also influence   understanding of opportunities they   aquaculture.
       Collaboration’ to run on 9 and 10   Panellists include EDP, Ocean   climate change. As international   can jointly address.”   For more information on WavEC
       December.                    Winds, Marine Renewables     partners, our nations are interested   Portugal’s commitment to clean   visit
      Braga, Algarve and Azores top for Americans

      Braga, Algarve and Azores are among the top 20 European destinations for North Americans to live, invest and work, according to
      criteria such as quality of life and health system.

        The selection of Best Euro-  internet connection, proximity   “live, invest, retire or create   specify whether the order   and entrepreneurship”,   Algarve sun takes the lead,
      pean Destinations was released   to airports with international   new projects”, which were   in which the destinations   as several start-ups and   but also the existence of
      by the US magazine Forbes   flights, cost of living, active   distinguished among 120   appear translates into a   multinationals are there and   several international schools
      and was based on “several cri-  foreign community and a low   possibilities, are two regions   hierarchy, but what is certain   the city has already hosted   and good internet connec-
      teria, including the existence of   crime rate”.  and one Portuguese city.  is that Braga appears first.  international events.  tion networks in many of
      an international schools, qual-  Among the best 20 places   The list is not numbered   Two important qualities   In defense of this destina-  the big cities are reasons
      ity of life, the health system,   for North Americans to   and the article does not   are mentioned as “openness   tion, the publication recalls   to exchange the American
                                                                                                        that “the Portuguese people   continent for the Algarve.
                                                                                                        are qualified and hard-work-  The list, which opens with a
                                                                                                        ing and speak much better   Portuguese destination, closes
                                                                                                        English than many of their   in the same way, with the
                                                                                                        European neighbours”.   Azores taking the 20  place.
                                                                                                          Also “the speed and effi-  The magazine also high-
                                                                                                        ciency” with which the district   lights that “the nine islands of
                                                                                                        capital dealt with Covid-19   the Azores are well connected
                                                                                                        are pointed out as an example   - at affordable prices - to each
                                                                                                        of its “capacity for innovation   other by plane and boat” and
                                                                                                        and dynamism”.          have “direct daily flights to the
                                                                                                          Portugal appears again   Portuguese mainland and the
                                                                                                        in eighth place, where the   United States”.
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