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 F-16s are twice called to                                                                                        N N N N N   News in Brief

                                                                                               Former Sporting President remanded in custody
                                                                                                The former president of Sporting football club Bruno de Carvalho, has
                                                                                               been remanded in police custody after being charged with 56 crimes.
                                                                                               The former leader of the Lisbon club was detained on Sunday, along
                                                                                               with the leader of the Juventude Leonina supporters’ club, in connection
                                                                                               with an attack back in May on players at the Sporting academy in
                                                                                               Alcochete. De Carvalho’s charge-sheet includes accusations of
                    N N N N N                                                                  kidnapping, terrorism and possession of an illegal firearm.
                                                                                               Wages on the up
                                                                                                New figures have revealed that workers have seen their wages
                                                                                               increase across most pay levels. While civil servants saw their
                                                                                               average wages rise to 880 euros, general workers earning under 600
                                                                                               euros dropped by 13 percent. Workers taking home between 600
                                                                                               and 900 euros rose by around 9 percent, while those clearing up to
                                                                                               1,200 were up by 8 percent. An increase of almost 10 percent was
                                                                                               seen by those whose net pay is up to 1,800 euros, while wages of
                                                                                               people earning more than that grew by 7 percent.
                                                                                               More people fined this year for using mobile
                                                                                               phones while driving
                                                                                                Portugal’s police forces are currently issuing an average of 115
                                                                                               fines a day to drivers talking on their phones while behind the wheel.
                                                                                               According to GNR and PSP figures, more drivers are being caught
                                                                                               committing the offence this year than last year. According to Jornal de
                                                                                               Notícias, a new app launched by an insurance company revealed
                                                                                               that nine out of ten drivers use their mobile phones while driving.
                                                                                               Pneumonia costs Portugal €80 million
                                                                                                Pneumonia kills one person every ninety minutes in Portugal,
                                                                                               despite being a disease whose cause is preventable. Every day 81
                                                                                               people are admitted to hospital in this country with pneumonia, of
                                                                                               whom 16 will die. The illness costs the country an estimated €80
                                                                                               million per year. A vaccination is available to protect against the
                                                                                               microbe that causes the disease, according to information disclosed
                                                                                               to mark World Pneumonia Day, which took place on Monday.
                                                                                               Porto uses tourist tax to buy new police cars
                                                                                                The €2 tourist tax levied in Porto is to be put towards buying ten new
                                                                                               PSP police cars. Porto council said in a statement, part of the tax revenue
                                                                                               will be put towards supplying the PSP with means that have been
                                                                                               lacking, which includes the vehicles. Porto, Lisbon and soon the Algarve
                                                                                               all charge tourist taxes on stays of up to seven consecutive nights.
 hortly after an emergency landing at Beja Airport. (Photo: Lusa/Nuno Veiga)ortly after an emergency landing at Beja Airport. (Photo: Lusa/Nuno Veiga)
 h hortly after an emergency landing at Beja Airport. (Photo: Lusa/Nuno Veiga)                 Ten churchgoers run over in Loulé
 h hortly after an emergency landing at Beja Airport. (Photo: Lusa/Nuno Veiga)ortly after an emergency landing at Beja Airport. (Photo: Lusa/Nuno Veiga)
                                                                                                 Ten people, including a child, were injured in Loulé as they left the
      airline Transavia, reported   landed safely at Faro airport”, at  unfolded.              local parish church. The incident took place on Saturday evening
      pressurisation problems en-   12.51pm, said the air force,  The F-16 jets are on permanent  when a woman, 42, climbed the pavement with her car, after
      route to Amsterdam, the       which added that on receiving  standby at No.5 air base at  reportedly accidently accelerating instead of braking. Her vehicle
      Portuguese Air Force confirmed  the alert, it activated “its entire  Monte Real, near Lisbon, to  eventually came to a halt, with one of the injured underneath the car.
      in a statement.               primary search and rescue    escort civilian aircraft in   The victims, who were taken to the Faro and Portimão Hospitals, are
      The aircraft “diverted and    system” as the situation     difficulties.                 all in a stable condition, with no serious injuries reported.
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