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2          The Portugal News · 24 Oct 2020                        News

      Mandatory downloading of Covid app

      taken off the table

      Prime Minister António Costa has taken off the proposed law for the mandatory downloading of the
      Covid-19 track and trace app Stayaway Covid.

                                                                     t had been previously    in the country, it was found that   States, the European Commis-
                                                                     proposed that a new law   there was one that was reasonably   sion created a European Union
                                                                     to enforce the mandatory   consensual, regarding the man-  (EU) wide system to ensure the
                                                                 I wearing of masks in        datory use of the mask on public   connectivity of the various contact
                                                                 public places and the mandatory   roads, while the mandatory down-  tracking applications in the context
                                                                 downloading of the app would   loading of the app faced a large   of the Covid-19 pandemic.
                                                                 be discussed in parliament on 23   amount of criticism.   The system has already gone live
                                                                 October but now this law will only   “Regarding the application, it is   with the first wave of national ap-
                                                                 cover the wearing of masks.  useful for the Assembly of the Re-  plications linked together through
                                                                 In an interview with TVI, Antó-  public to hold all the hearings that   this service, and includes the ‘Co-
                                                                 nio Costa said that he asked the   the PS has proposed to reflect on   rona-Warn-App’ from Germany,
                                                                 President of the Assembly of   this topic. I think that there will be   the ‘COVID tracker’ from Ireland,
                                                                 the Republic, Ferro Rodrigues,   nothing better than a great debate   and ‘Immuni’ from Italy.
                                                                 to withdraw the appointment of   and decision on this matter. The   Brussels guarantees full respect for
                                                                 the Government diploma, which   government would not be respon-  the protection of citizens’ personal
                                                                 “determines the mandatory use of   sible if, in view of the evolution we   data and the information will be
                                                                 a mask for access or permanence in   are experiencing of the pandemic,   stored for a maximum period of 14
                                                                 public spaces and roads”, as well as   we do not put to the Assembly   days and is “entirely anonymous
                                                                 “the mandatory use of the mobile   of the Republic this issue of the   and encrypted”.
                                                                 application”.                mobile application”, said the Prime   This access service ensures that
                                                                 “However, the PSD presented a di-  Minister.              applications work across borders
                                                                 ploma only on the mandatory use   Meanwhile, the European Com-  without interruptions.
                                                                 of masks in public spaces. There-  mission has launched a platform   Thus, users will only have to install
                                                                 fore, if this matter about masks is   for sharing information on the first   a single application and, when
                                                                 consensual, then let’s legislate on   national applications for alerting   travelling to another participat-
                                                                 masks”, justified the leader of the   and tracking contacts within the   ing European country, they will
                                                                 executive.                   scope of Covid-19, which includes   continue to benefit from tracking
                                                                 According to António Costa, of   only four Member States, although   contacts and will receive alerts,
      The Prime Minister has backtracked on putting forward a law proposing the   the two proposals made by the   Portugal is said to be able to join in   both at home and abroad.
      mandatory downloading of the StayAwayCovid app in Portugal.   Government to reinforce precau-  November.
      (Photo: Lusa/José Sena Goulão)                             tionary measures against Covid-19   At the request of the Member

                                    Iberian Lynx highest birth rate in Guadiana

                                    The birth rate of the Iberian lynx population in the Guadiana Valley is the highest in the Iberian Peninsula, according to the 2019
                                    census results revealed by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF).
      ANGLOPRESS Edições e Publicidade, Lda
      Copyright ©2020 Anglo Press Lda. The Portugal
      News is part of the Portugal News Group estab-  The Iberian Iynx is one of the most   Usually, the lack of food, essentially hares,   territory, in addition to acceptance by the
      lished 1977. Depósito Legal Nº 80258/94
      Contacts                      threatened species in the world. However,   is the main reason for the decrease in the   resident population”.
      Postal Address:               the results show that the birth rate (pro-  existence of these animals. An Iberian lynx   The results of the Census also reveal that
      Apt 13 • 8401-901 • Lagoa
      Courier Address:              ductivity rate) in the Guadiana Valley is the   needs a rabbit a day to feed, while a preg-  the population of Iberian lynx in the Guadi-
      Rua Município de S. Domingo Urb.Lagoa Sol •   highest in the peninsula, stressing that in   nant female may need three.   ana Valley reached a total of 107 at the end
      Lote 3 r/c                    2019, of the 13 referenced litters, three ge-  The ICNF adds that this rate of births is   of 2019, of which 61 are adults over one year
      8400-415 Lagoa
      Classifieds:  +351 282 380 315   nerated five offspring each, when previously   “revealing the abundance of food, availability   old and 46 cubs born in the spring of last
      Sales:   +351 282 380 310     the maximum registered was four offspring   and suitability of habitat and tranquillity   year, from 13 breeding females, out of a total
      Accounts:   +351 282 343 653
      Newsdesk:  +351 282 380 313   per litter.                            provided by the owners and managers of the   of 27 referenced females.
      General:   +351 282 341 100
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      Publicação registada na Entidade Reguladora para   tures are to rise as the week pro-  to return on Tuesday before drying   are dropping to average daily highs   to return with clear skies predicted
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