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18         The Portugal News · 21 Nov 2020  People’s Section ACCA                                  brought to you by

      ACCA - making life altering changes

      to the lives of children

                                                                 Many people are unaware of the fundamental life

                                                                 altering changes that ACCA is making in the lives of
                                                                 so many children.

                                                                       uch as, paying for needed   their idle time. This is a dynamic   to donate, your help will be
                                                                       child surgeries, medicines,   which exists due to the fact that   received with open arms.
                                                                       wheelchairs, various needed   the parents must work and cannot   The only people more grateful
                                                                S therapies and much needed   afford to pay for extracurricular   to you than the ACCA board,
                                                                 school supplies at the beginning of   activities. ACCA President,   are the young people whose lives
                                                                 the school year.             Wanda Crawford says “we the   you will significantly improve in
                                                                 In addition, to providing for these   ACCA team and volunteers get   so many ways.
                                                                 tremendous needs they also offer   the pleasure of witnessing the   We have many ways you can
                                                                 day to day care.             fascination and pure joy on the   help. Please choose the one
                                                                 For example, throughout the year   faces of awe struck youngsters.”  that suits you best. Whatever
                                                                 ACCA sponsors children with   Now at this time of the year   contribution you bestow upon
                                                                 days out: with trips to ZooMarine,   ACCA volunteers are extremely   ACCAKIDS will be received
                                                                 Aqua show, excursions to     busy, keeping in direct contact   with love and compassion.
                                                                 Municipal pools, a day out at   with Santa in the North Pole to   The pandemic and the mandate
                                                                 the beach or watching the latest   coordinate the Angel programme   to social distance has made our
                                                                 action hero or cartoon at the   with the unwavering support of   work even more challenging.
                                                                 cinema. In addition, ACCA fills   the community at large. Together   Due to the fact that we cannot
                                                                 in a void for for children that are   we make it possible for poor   fundraise like we normally
                                                                 out of school for the summer and   children to enjoy the gift of giving   would throughout the year, we
                                                                 have loads of unsupervised free   at Christmas time.       need your help now more than
                                                                 time on their hands. ACCA steps   We are in the midst of   ever.
                                                                 in and pays for summer camps   organising over 2,350 Angel   To get involved through
                                                                 for many children that would   gifts to impoverished youngsters.   volunteering or make a donation
                                                                 otherwise be at home watching   Help us with these endeavours,   directly to the ACCA charity 
                                                                 television all day or getting up to   whether you want to fundraise   Bank account or email accakid@
                                                                 mischief in the streets, because   for us, volunteer for us or just or call 919617995.
                                                                 no one is at home to manage   choose one of the many ways                Wanda Crawford
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                                                                                colours and fabrics, so you
        To volunteer                                                            can find one that matches
                                                                                your home’s interior décor.
        If you would like to volunteer,                                         Leather recliners are an
        please email ACCA                                     elegant, stylish option. The
                                                                                added advantage of opting
        or call 919 617 995.                                                    for a leather recliner chair is
                                                                                that it’s easy to clean.  after sitting or standing for   circulation is naturally im-
        To donate                                                               It circulates blood in   extended periods. By sitting   proved and you’ll experience
                                                                                                        on a recliner chair you’ll
                                                                                                                                some relief.
        Donations can be made directly to the ACCA charity account.             your lower body         have improved circulation,   For more information,
        ASS SOLID CRIANCAS CARENCIADAS ALGARVE                                   Your feet and legs can   especially if your feet are   contact us on 289 391373 or
        IBAN: PT50 007900004342641910122                                        swell from the increased   lifted above your heart level.   visit the Company’s website
                                                                                downward blood flow
                                                                                                        Through gravity, your blood
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