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20 The Portugal News •  13 Oct 2018               Club & Community News

      Algarve Walking Football Cup                                                                      CASA Social Club Dinner

                                                                                                          43 CASA members and guests  members Jack & Joanne who are
                                                                                                        met at  Ponto do Encontro in  going back to UK to live.  A quite
                                                                                                        Carvoeiro on Saturday 29  moving end to an excellent
                                                                                                        September for dinner.   evening.
                                                                                                          The seating in the middle of   Our next event will be a  buf-
                                                                                                        this smallish restaurant was said  fet-style lunch on Sunday 21
                                                                                                        by one member to be “cosy”.   October in Lagos.    Full details
                                                                                                        The service was excellent and  of this and all our planned
                                                                                                        the meal itself was felt to be good  events, which are also open to
                                                                                                        value.                  non-members, can be obtained
                                                                                                          To round off the evening we  from  the  club  website:
                                                                                                        all joined hands and everybody  or from
                                                                                                        put their hearts into singing Rod  Margaret Brito on 282 495 475
                                                                                                        Stuart’s “We Are Sailing” in  or  by  email  to: info@
                                                                                                        order to say a fond farewell to

        Last weekend Browns Sports & Leisure  over Oriam Edinburgh in the Plate Final, and  one goal difference or with a tense penalty
      Club in Vilamoura hosted yet another  Heart of Midlothian lifting up the trophy after  shoot-out, demonstrating how close this
      successful Algarve Walking Football Cup.  their win against Algarvian team Tavira in the  year’s competition was.
        The tournament has grown tremendously  Bowl Final. Sheffield Wednesday CP2 also  After two full days of matches,five-piece
      over recent years.Having started as an 8  got to go home winners after a 1-0 result  bandThe New Orleans Jazz Band-the Dixie
      teamed tournament with 1 category and 1  against Ayr United inTheWood Final.  Kings took the stage to play upbeat Jazz songs
      pitch, it’s 4th edition now welcomed 32  The final classification of the over 60’s  while players and supporters enjoyed a wide
      teams from the Algarve, UK and Holland  category saw Ormskirk South victorious  spread of food at the tournament’s barbecue,
      with 2 categories and 6 pitches.  over Heart of Midlothian by a single goal  which was set up under the stars this year.
        Under the clear blue Algarvian sky, over  whilst the Plate final resulted in Tullibody  Next year Browns will host the 4th edition
      300 footballers competed a total of over 100  Reds lifting the trophy after their win against  of the Browns Walking Football Festival
      games over 2 days. With four trophies to be  Browns in penalties. The Bowl Final saw  followed by the 5th edition of the Algarve
      won in each category, all games were exciting  Cambuur 3 win against Derby County with  Walking Football Cup.
      right until the very end. In the over 50’s cat-  a 1-0 score at the final whistle.  More information can be found via:
      egory, Olhão regained their winning title in  Dutch team Cambuur’s fourth team  Browns Sports & Leisure Club –(+351) 289
      the final against Carnoistie Panmure (1-0).  claimed the Wood Final in their win against  322 740, or on the
      Both the Plate and Bowl finals ended in nail-  Olhão in penalties.  event’s  official  facebook  page:
      biting penalties with Canterbury victorious  The final matches ended with either only
                                                              Letters to the Editor

       The opinions expressed here are those of our readers  European Union.   For  EU is a laudable and desir-  grasp now the opportunity  approaching!
       and not necessarily of The Portugal News. The editor  those who do not wish to  able intent, bringing with it  of dual nationality and the  We would like to ask your
       reserves the right to edit letters or refuse publication.  lose this cherished and  the political and social  pride of remaining  kind readers if they will ,
              Send your letters, which must include your  valued status, the only  benefits of a future, inte-  European.       once again, help us to give
              name and full postal address and should  solution is to acquire the  grated society.      ROBERT KNIGHT, Tomar    each of the disabled
                                                                                                                                residents of Santo Amaro
         N N N N N  preferably be under 300 words, to:  nationality of the European  The EU has much to do in                   in Lagos a Christmas gift.
                                                       country in which they are
                                                                                achieving  a harmonised
              The Portugal News, Apartado 13, 8401-901  already accepted as     super state in which its  Faro Airport          Many have no family  to
              Lagoa. Email:  citizens by virtue of their  citizens may enjoy  SIR, The new airport is  remember them at Christ-
                                                       residence.               increasing  equality of  fantastic but I cannot work  mas, and the gifts we can
                                                       Such acquisition of dual  opportunity and a      out why when we reach the  pass on bring smiles to
      Re:  Citizenship         are members of a State  nationality will not     burgeoning culture which  building after our flight that  their faces.
                               either by nativity or
                                                                                                                                The staff have suggested
                                                                                                        we then have to walk up a
      and Nationality          naturalisation.         prejudice the right to   will be the envy of other  steep flight of stairs,then go  that once again “smellies”
                                                                                global communities .
                                                       receive state pensions in
      SIR, Nationality is the  At the end of March 2019,  either territory and will  I would suggest to Mr  up an escalator and then  for both men and women
      status of belonging to a  all British nationals will  greatly facilitate  logistics .  Taylor-Smith and  go down 2 escalators to  are very welcome. As we
      particular nation.   Citizens  lose their citizenship of the  To remain a citizen of the  “everyone” that they should  return to where we  don’t know the dietary
                                                                                                        started...ground level.It’s a  restrictions that individuals
                                                                                                        50 yard walk to enter   may have unfortunately
                                                                                                        passport control yet we  chocolates and sweets are
                                                                                                        have to haul our hand   not suitable. However, we
                                                                                                        luggage up steep stairs.  try to make a hamper for
                                                                                                        We are both pensioners  the staff who work so hard
                                                                                                        and see this as totally  caring for the residents, so
                                                                                                        unnecessary.Whoever     anything in the festive treat
                                                                                                        implemented this, clearly  or drink line will be
                                                                                                        does not have to do it, and  welcomed.
                                                                                                        is without consideration for  Elaine at CARDS in Lagos
                                                                                                        those not as mobile as they  has kindly offered to be a
                                                                                                        used to be.             collection point. If anyone
                                                                                                        This policy needs       has a problem finding a
                                                                                                        reviewing....keep us at  collection point please
                                                                                                        ground level.           give me a ring,
                                                                                                        PAUL MATTHEWS,          282695875, answer
                                                                                                        Conceição Tavira        phone if we are not
                                                                                                        Casa de Santo           Thank you very much for
                                                                                                                                your support in the past,
                                                                                                        Amaro                   and for your generosity this
                                                                                                        SIR, “The time has come!”  year.
                                                                                                        the walrus said, and    JENNIFER AND
                                                                                                        looking at the calendar,  GRAHAME HERRTAGE,
                                                                                                        Christmas is rapidly    By email
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